Super Sugoii-con Vol.1 Exclusive: MORISAKI WIN


A Japanese actor and J-Pop singer MORISAKI WIN who played Daito in Steven Spielberg’s READY PLAYER ONE, will be a part of the digital edition of Super Sugoii-con Vol.1 to promote his major worldwide music debut and we cannot stop gushing!!

Major worldwide music debut!

MORISAKI WIN, who is represented by Japan’s Stardust Promotion. He has appeared in Steven Spielberg’s ‘Ready Player One’ (2018) and won the Newcomer of the Year award for the movie ‘Mitsubachi to Enran’ (2019) at the 43rd Japan Academy Film festival.

Through Super Sugoii-con MORISAKI WIN wishes to share his Music with the Indian hearts, and connect with his fans here. He even has a special performance lined up for the event!

Team Super Sugoii managed to get a one-on-one exclusive interview with this special artist who played Anglade in the Award-winning Anime movie Children of the Sea.

Let us hear from MORISAKI WIN

For people who may not have listened to your music before, tell us more about yourself.

Hello India, I am from Mammyer and currently live in Japan. I’m an actor and an artist. I have played Daito in Steven Spielberg’s movie called ‘Ready Player One’ and debuted in Hollywood in 2018.

Apart from being an actor, did you always want to be a musician growing up? Do you come from a musical family?

When I was young there was no professional musician in my family. But I loved music and listened to western songs under the influence of my grandmother. Since I was constantly thinking of becoming a musician, I’m really happy that my dream has finally come true.

Which music are you currently listening to now?

My latest favorite is the playlist of Jazz reimaginings of Disney songs on Spotify.

If you had a chance to collaborate with or perform with an Indian artist, who would it be?

I believe it would have to be Sonam Kapoor.

Tell us something you love about India!

I recently read a manga “When I traveled in India with my wife” (夫婦でインドを旅すると), and in the story, there are lunch boxes that are delivered to the office every day. I’m fascinated by the lunch boxes a lot. I love Indian curry.

Thank you for sharing these trivia with us MORISAKI-san! Do not miss out on connecting with MORISAKI WIN on September 27th, 11 am onwards at Super Sugoii-con.

To keep up-to-date with him, make sure to follow him on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube:
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