Super Sugoii-con Vol.1 : Introducing J-Pop band ASIANZ!

Super Sugoii-con Vol. 1 is already off to a very unique start. Taking place at an entirely digital platform on September 27, 11 am IST onwards, the Japanese Pop-culture digital festival is filled with exciting performances, guest appearances, and plenty more.

One of our special Super Sugoii Artists of the day is the special J-Pop group ASIANZ. Team Super Sugoii has explored the band trivia, including the artist details and a lot more!

ASIANZ is an eight-person idol group consisting of Futaba, Luna, Kana, Kaede, MAYU, Moe, Moeha, and Kanako. The group was formerly known as CHU-Z. It started in 2012 under the production by YOHEY from Pani Crew. They used to perform cute and idol-like songs, and then, the songs were changed to more artistic ones starting with “Chu-Z My Life” in February 2013.

The group has been well-received by not only idol fans but music fans. In July 2014, they debuted with their first album called “Chu-Z My Music” from a Japanese music level, Nippon Columbia. Right after the debut, the album hit the 4th place in a daily chart of the most major music chart in Japan called Oricon and the 17th place in its weekly chart. On October 1st, they won the 16th place in Oricon’s weekly chart by their first single “Bombastique!”. The group held a single group live performance at Stellar Ball in Tokyo on October 5th.

On February 11th, 2015, they released their second single “Hana no Arch / Brand Boy” which hit the 3rd place in Oricon’s daily chart and the 5th place in the weekly chart. The song “Hana no Arch” was played over a million times in two weeks at approximately 1,100 stores of a famous restaurant chain Yoshinoya in Japan. The third single “Tell me why – I want to know the meaning of life” released on July 11, 2015, was produced by one of the top sound producers in Japan named Tsunku.

They conducted a live performance at Akasaka BLITZ (My Navi BLITZ Akasaka) in Tokyo in July 2016 and also released a single “Mada Kimi ga Suki de” from Imperial Records. In October 2018, they released a single “Parariro!” for the first time after the transfer to OTODAMA RECORDS and won the 10th place in Oricon’s weekly single chart. They also performed a live performance “Chu-Z My Live 2018 ~ Chu-Z Stops at My Navi BLITZ Akasaka” in November.

To scale the power-up of the group, Chu-Z associated with another idol group Tokyo CuteCute On May 24th, 2019. They had a new support team since June in the same year and conducted a live tour “Chu-Z Tomei Hanfuku Tour.” In July, they released a new single from a new label Victoria Beats ✕ Columbia. The live performance called “Zepp Diver City” got great success on November 18th.

The group was renamed to ASIANZ to better connect with the Indian Audience in 2020.

Having the opportunity to feature ASIANZ at Super Sugoii-con is a great experience. Despite the niche genre in India, the band members are lively, friendly, and cute, and Super Sugoii had an amazing time featuring them.

Do not miss out on their EXCLUSIVE performance at Super Sugoii-con on September 27th, 11 am onwards. Follow our social media profiles for constant updates! All the band member details are below! Do follow their profile and support their journey in India! Also, look forward to their exclusive one-on-one interview soon!

Photo_LunaTwitter: @chu_z_luu
Instagram: @luna_chu_z

Photo_Kana_ASIANZTwitter: @Chu_Z_pyon
Instagram : @kana_beautifulbody

Photo_Kaede_ASIANZTwitter: @chu_z_denden
Instagram: @chu_z_kaede

Photo_Mayu_ASIANZTwitter: @Chu_Z_MayuR
Instagram: @chu_z_mayu

Twitter: @chu_z_futaba
Instagram: @chu_z_futaba

MoePhoto_Moe_ASIANZTwitter: @chu_z_moe
Instagram: @moe_chu_z

Photo_Moeha_ASIANZTwitter: @Chu_Z_moeha
Instagram: @moeha_nishi

Photo_Kanako_ASIANZTwitter: @Chu_Z_kanako
Instagram: @kanako_kasuga

Super Sugoii-con vol.1

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August 1, 2020

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