Bringing Japanese Pop-culture news from Japan to India

Super Sugoii® is introducing a new PRESS RELEASE section on our website to deliver Japanese pop-culture news and information from Japan directly to audiences in India. We aim to deliver content and updates from all areas of Japan directly to you.

What can lovers of Japanese culture expect in this section?

Regular features appearing on this section will include news, brand updates, and other informative content, directly from Japan. We are also going to work on our usual sections of covering editorial and video content focusing on unique and interesting topics for the growing Otaku fanbase in India.

Through our network in the pop-culture industry in Japan, we will work towards featuring exclusive content not available anywhere else. Additionally, we will work hard towards connecting some of our featured brands and influencers from Japan to the local media in India so fans can have the potential to have a real-time, interactive experience with their favorite creators & industry leaders from Japan, in the future. Through every experience, we promise to continue growing and delivering better content to our audience.

How can such news from Japan add value to you?

Starting February 2021, curated press releases from Japan will be released on our website for lovers of Japan in India. Once the press-release is updated on our website, any media, influencer, independent content-creators, individual, or team, can choose to utilize their digital platforms and cover the interesting news.

From a broader perspective, the more Japanese pop-culture enthusiasts in India publish news related to Japan and upload it on their personal media, the better we can collectively work towards bringing India and Japan close.

Currently, India is not considered as one of the priority regions for many international Japanese brands. Such initiatives could create a path for multiple collaboration opportunities between the two countries. If we consider this perspective deeply, in 2021, we will unitedly be working hard to set a foundation for a brighter future. This vision is what allows Super Sugoii® to have faith in the new segment.

“For over a decade, Super Sugoii has felt a strong connection with lovers of Japanese culture in India. Through many opportunities to interact with fans at conventions and fan-oriented events in India, we are proud to self-proclaim ourselves as “otakus”. Our goal is to give fans all around India and the world an opportunity to experience the best that Japan has to offer directly from the source.
As our community continues to grow we will push to give a better impact, and we hope that every Japan lover will positively join us on our journey!” – Team Super Sugoii

How to receive the latest news or the Press Release?

If you are a press outlet, influencer, media, that would like to receive the press releases, or for other business inquiries, do reach us at

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