Discover Japan through virtual music experience

Discover Japan through virtual music experience

Japan is one of the countries in the world inspiring us from various perspectives. After the COVID-19, we have to be patient to travel Japan for a while. However, Japan’s famous beer brand tries to bring us a wonderful experience discovering Tokyo, Japan, through one-of-a-kind virtual music.

Real-life club experiences still on hold due to COVID-19. However, Asahi Super Dry announced it will create the world’s first virtual music experience with spatial audio. The project called Discover Tokyo will be partnering with Resident Advisor and Club Qu.

What is Discover Tokyo project?

Discover Tokyo is a unique project to bring you a 45-minute journey through 3 iconic Japanese experiences; virtual worlds representing progressive Tokyo in Japan: a neon-lit city street, a digital art gallery, and a nightclub.

It will be highly interactive, allowing attendees to interact with each new location, chat with other viewers, and even order a beer at the virtual bar. The event will kick off at midnight PST and runs on a loop for 24 hours. The world-class artists will invite you to the digital experience with brand-new, original music composed.

No matter where you are in the world, you can Discover Tokyo during these times:

IST: 1:30 pm, Friday 26 March – 1:30 pm, Saturday 27 March
AEST: 7 pm, Friday 26 March – 7 pm, Saturday 27 March
GMT: 8 am, Friday 26 March – 8 am, Saturday 27 March
EST: 3 am, Friday 26 March – 3 am, Saturday 27 March

About the artists who bring you Japan’s special experience

DJ Nobu
Dj Nobu is quite simply best DJ of Japan. As Japan’s biggest musical export in the electronic arena, there aren’t many artists that better represent Asia than DJ Nobu. Also, An artist who has headlined some of the world’s best festivals in recent years, including Dekmantel and Sonar.

Honey Dijon
Chicago-born, Honey Dijon is a legend in both the music and fashion worlds. In other words, a name that brings in the crowd at every event she graces and the most recognizable WOC in dance music. In 2018 she was part of one of the most-viewed Boiler-room sets of all-time at the Sugar Mountain festival in Australia. In 2020, she released her second album, Black Girl Magic, to critical acclaim.

Kerri Chandler
One of the world’s greatest house music producers of all time. Kerri ‘Kaoz’ Chandler is an icon in the scene and a pioneer of thumping Chicago house. A massive addition to the line-up, closing us out with a roster of 3 world-class headliners.

Each artist has prepared a unique track that will be played during the three scenes. So, DJ Nobu with a live recorded track that conveys the rawness and vitality of traveling the streets of Tokyo. Honey Dijon will unveil her original track during the art gallery portion and notes she has produced something ambient and hypnotic to fit the theme. In addition, Kerri Chandler will soundtrack the club scene and has used all his experiences with Tokyo Dance Crews in the past to inspire his original tune.

How to join the project

To join the project, do visit the official website and register yourself. The participating fee is free though the attendee must be 21+.

Asahi Super Dry and Resident Advisor will also be teaming together to give 50 people the chance to win a prize bundle. It includes Resident Advisor x Asahi Super Dry long sleeve tee, an Resident Advisor x Asahi Super Dry tote bag, a pair of stereo headphones, and some Asahi Super Dry. So, fans can enter to win directly in the experience. For more information on Discover Tokyo, please visit to learn more.

About ASAHI SUPER DRY®, Japan’s most famous beer brand

Inspired by the dry taste of sake, the brand created a beer born out of curiosity, Asahi Super Dry®, which quickly became and remains Japan’s no.1 selling beer. Asahi Super Dry® is brewed at Asahi-owned breweries. It uses the finest malted barley, hops, yeast, and rice to give it a dry, crisp taste and quick, clean finish that never lingers. They call it Karakuchi.

About Resident Advisor

Established in 2001, Resident Advisor (RA) is the world’s leading discovery platform for electronic music and events. RA combines high-quality writing and film features with listings, directories, and industry tools, creating an ecosystem of content and services for millions of readers. With an audience spanning music fans, club-goers, DJs, producers, venue owners, promoters, and record labels, RA plays an indispensable role in supporting electronic music worldwide.

About Club QuM

Built by a group of creatives in response to the pandemic, Club Qu set out to create the authentic virtual clubbing experience. Amassing over a million attendees and a global community Club Qu is the world’s first virtual nightclub with a record label releasing cutting-edge music. It is also a platform for building technology. Moreover, Utilizing video game engines and live-low latency interactions, Club Qu has created a whole new world with no creative limits for audiences. It can connect with artists and one another.

Discover Japan through virtual music experience

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