Kizuna AI to hold a Virtual Tour 2021 worldwide

Kizuna AI is a Japanese virtual Youtuber (Vtuber) who began her virtual talent activities in December 2016. She became the first Virtual YouTuber starting up her channel, with her slogan being “I want to connect with everyone.”

Recently, She has over 10 million followers on her official social media such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. She also has a separate YouTube account featuring gaming. The channel called “A.I. Games” has reached over 1.47 million subscribers.

Her activities are not limiting to YouTube. Besides collaborating with artists such as W&W and Yasutaka Nakata, she also appeared on Porter Robinson’s music festival “Secret Sky Music Festival,” attracting attention worldwide. Moreover, Her first online xR live, Kizuna AI 2nd Live “hello, world 2020,” held in January 2021, made headlines for trending number 1 on Twitter and exceeded over 100,000 viewers in participating platforms.

Upcoming Kizuna AI tour for a global audience

Today, Kizuna AI’s company has announced that she will be holding this virtual tour with the intention of exploring and creating new virtual possibilities. This tour will consist of 2 shows, one set in Los Angeles and one set in New York. An online DJ event, “CONTACT YOU presented by DJ Kizuna AI,” is expected to be held on Twitch. Guests for the Los Angeles live show will include TeddyLoid and Nyanners, who have a large number of followers in the US.

The tour is the first Virtual US Tour for her, partnering with UTA (United Talent Agency), one of Hollywood’s four major talent agencies. It is available not only in the US but worldwide, including India.

CONTACT YOU presented by DJ Kizuna AI

The Virtual Tour details

CONTACT YOU presented by DJ Kizuna AI
Vol. 1 8.30 am, 28 March 2021 IST
Vol. 2 6.30 am, 16 May 2021 IST
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Kizuna AI Virtual US Tour DAY1 Virtual Live From LA
Date: 8.30 am, 24 April 2021 IST

Kizuna AI Virtual US Tour DAY1 Virtual Live From NY
Date: 6.30 am, 30 May 2021 IST

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