Singing Cosplayer Hikari has uploaded a cover song of HoneyWorks feat.GUMI / Confession Rehearsal (Kokuhaku Yokou Renshuu) for the Valentine’s Day!

Singing Cosplayer Hikari who made her debut on New Year’s Day on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter, has uploaded cover song videos with cosplay from popular anime, games, and Vocaloid characters. For her 1st season she chose a theme from the anime Evangelion and for her 2nd season which started on on 22nd of January, the theme is Vocaloid!

She has uploaded a new cover song with subtitles in 10 different languages including Japanese, English, Hindi, Thai, Chinese, French, Italian and Korean.

HoneyWorks feat.GUMI Confession Rehearsal (Kokuhaku Yokou Renshuu) covered by Singing Cosplayer Hikari

Hikari is performing in an original cosplay which is a Japanese girl’s high school uniform. This school uniform is a collaboration with the uniform brand LucyPop which is very popular in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Indonesia.

LucyPop is a perfect match with Hikari since it has more than 65,000 followers on Facebook from all over the world, especially from Asia. Please check LucyPop’s Website and find out more about them on their upcoming special site!

In addition, the headphones she wears in the video of Singing Cosplayer Hikari’s cover song were selected by her after she visited the e☆earphone Akihabara store. In this song, she’s wearing DALI’s “IO6”.

In her music video, Hikari is seen performing with guitarist Mr. Yamashita who is one of the members of the music creation team. Please enjoy their performance in the video!

Also, the Evangelion-related songs from the 1st season, “A Cruel Angel’s Thesis” and “Soul’s Refrain” covered by Singing Cosplayer Hikari, are available on Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music / LINE MUSIC / iTunes Store / Amazon Music / Google Play Music / TikTok / Facebook / Instagram etc.

Finally, she kick-started her 2nd season of the Vocaloid-themed series, photos of Hatsune Miku and LucyPop school uniform outfit are being uploaded daily to her various social media platforms. Do check them out on the links below:


-Instagram @singingcosplayerhikari

-Twitter @SingCosHikari

-Singing Cosplayer Hikari×Lucy Pop

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