Cosmetic Brand Created Cosplay Makeup Book!!

Cosplay, the biggest pop-culture export that originated in Japan, has finally inspired a major Japanese cosmetic brand called ‘KATE’. KATE announced that it produced the first ever “Cosplay Makeup Book” for a pop-culture event. Within the pages of this book, five popular Cosplayers dress-up as original characters and showcase their ‘Cosplay Special’ makeup tips. This makeup book was given away for free at Comiket, one of the major pop-culture events in Japan.

This book is produced with a target to introduce a few special series of makeup products, that have been designed for all who love the beauty-genre and would like to try their hands at experimenting with a new makeup style. The characters were created from scratch by TCB, a famous illustrator on Pixiv (A Japanese online community for artists). Multiple Cosplay photos and detailed makeup guidance by Cosplayers are available exclusively within this book.

5 Cosplayers playing the original characters

Itsuki Akira
A multi-field Cosplayer, a model, a Cosplay product-line planner. Akira has appeared on TV shows as a professional Cosplayer as well as in international events in more than 10 countries.
Kashou Roshieru
In addition to being a professional Cosplayer, Kashou produces a variety of things ranging from a Maid cafe brand to fashion items. She also sometimes collaborates with Japanese fashion brands and create new concept products.
Momotsuki Nashiko
In addition to her activities as a popular cosplayer, Nashiko Momotsuki has been gaining a lot of attention as a model in Japan.
She started her Cosplay career to have fun on her days off. Eiri’s high-quality Cosplay photos have been well received among Cosplay fans. In her free time, she likes to draw and read. Recently Eiri has also embraced the role of an illustrator.
Will is a popular cosplayer of male characters and appears as a Brand Mascot Cosplayer at various events not only in Japan but in foreign countries as well.

Prince & Princess in the world of KATE

These 5 Cosplayers dress up as 3 beautiful princesses and 2 gorgeous princes in the world of KATE created by the illustrator TCB. They were a part of a special greeting session at the costume ball held at the Comiket.

The original characters drawn by TCB

Highlight of the products

The brand believes that base makeup is one of the most important factors of a beautiful Cosplay. If you try on a coat at the same spot repeatedly, you will soon have porcelain skin like a doll. The base makeup items of KATE’s ST series are highly functional with a beautiful finish that covers pores and colors unevenness with a single paint. It prevents the highly feared nightmare of any Cosplayer : “The make-up collapse” and demonstrates high covering power.

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